About Us

Welcome to the online hub of Amator Only Productions, known as The Professional Amateurs. Here, we seamlessly blend professionalism with a distinctive amateur flair, committed to crafting, producing, promoting, and distributing music, digital content, merchandise, and services tailored to satisfy all your entertainment cravings. At the heart of our mission are two fundamental goals: championing the artist and ensuring unparalleled experiences for you, our esteemed audience.

Our first goal is dedicated to providing amateur and independent artists with a nurturing environment, fostering growth at their own pace and direction. Our aim is to lay the groundwork for a successful and enduring entertainment career. If you're an aspiring artist seeking a platform that champions your creative journey and empowers you with ownership, look no further.

Our second goal is directed towards you, the viewer. We aim to offer you the opportunity not just to witness the rise of a star, but to actively participate in shaping the trajectory of emerging artists' careers. We're committed to showcasing a diverse array of amateur and independent talent across all genres of entertainment, from music and art to live performances and content creation. Whatever your entertainment preferences, you'll find it here.

While every journey encounters its share of challenges, the dawn of 2024 heralds new beginnings for us at Amator Only Productions. With fresh ideas, productions, faces, and opportunities, we're poised to forge ahead. The significance of January 1st, 2024, falling on a Monday—the first day of the workweek—was not lost on us, particularly at Amator Only Productions. Give us the time, give us the space, and we'll continue to demonstrate that Amator Starz is A Place for Amateurs to Shine!?