Amatorz, A 1st Time for Everything!? is always in search of Amateur Content Creators to work with on a Two (2) Year Agreement; focused on the creation, building, production, promotion and distribution of Artist work and brand. Our Goal is to create a safe, comfortable and educational environment concentrated on assisting with Artist growth, career management and having control of their work.
If you are interested in working with Amatorz, as a Contract Artist, please complete and submit the form below; with the understanding that by completing this form some of the information you submit: Name, Age, City, State, Head Shot, Body Shot and Experience; may be used on our sites and across our network to start promoting You and Your Work right away.

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Currently all Amatorz Merchandise and Gear is available in Tabernam, exclusively at Amator Starz, available to the public who want to be a part of the Amatorz "Fanily". These items are only available via Direct Sells (DS) at certain Amatorz Functions, Events or by specific Artist Appearances. Direct Sells (DS) is a direct payment through various payment options, including payment apps, credit cards and cash; where the product is delivered upon payment.


iPhone Tough


Samsung Tough


Unisex Hoodie

Amatorz Sticker

Women's Tank


Currently all Amatorz content is available by means of Direct Sells (DS) Only, directly from Amatorz or Specific Artist, via multiple payment app options. Artist who participating in Direct Sells (DS) will promote it on their social media sites, like X and Snapchat, and across the entire Amator Starz Network.

There are Four (4) Types of picture, or pic', distribution options: (1)Per Picture (2)Pic' Pac' (3)Picture Set (4)Portfolio; all available via DS.

Sample 1

1 Picture

Pic' Pac'

Picrure Set


There are Four (4) Types of video, or vid', distribution options: (1)Peek (2)Clip (3)Scene (4)Full; all available via DS.

Intro_Cvr HD_GS

Video Peek


Video Clip

AS_Cvr Pics_Kkash

Video Scene


Full Video